Fundraising Program!

Fundraising Program!

Homegrown Foods is excited to offer a fundraising program for local clubs and non-profits to help in their fundraising efforts! Being a local store we value the impact local organisations have on the community and with this in mind we have chosen to support groups and individuals with a simple but rewarding fundraising program.

Fundraising thermometer

Your purchase of Natural Factors and Health First products on our web store will turn into a 15% return for the selected individual or organisation you are choosing to support. Besides the Natural Factors and Health First brands we also carry an extensive line of grocery, supplement and personal care items you can shop for at the same time.

After you have added items to your cart please view your cart and enter your fundraiser code in the special instructions box to identify where you would like your percentage of sale to go. Following this proceed to the checkout to complete your order and we'll take care of the rest!

*Purchases of Natural Factor and Health First Products not currently in stock will be delivered as soon as we receive new inventory. 

Current Delivery rates*:

  1. Pick up in store – FREE
  2. Home Delivery in Stony Plain and Spruce Grove (city limits only) FREE on orders more than $100, $5 for orders less than $100. Options include Same Day delivery or Thursday evening
  3. Home Delivery in Alberta Beach, Mayerthorpe, Whitecourt and along Hwy #43 to Whitecourt every Thursday is $10
  4. Shipping within Alberta – FREE on orders more than $100, $15 for orders less than $100.
  5. Pick up from hub spot (if appropriate) – Contact your specific club or Homegrown Foods
  6. Shipping outside Alberta requires a custom rate, please contact Tim (780 963 5305 ext 227) for a quote

*Delivery Rates and Areas subject to change

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask (780) 963 5305 ext 227 or

View all 100% Natural A & B Carotene Amino Acid Anti-Aging Anti-inflammatory Anti-stress Antioxidant Arthritis Ashwagandha Ayurveda Beta Carotene Betaine Bilberries Bioflavonoids Blood Sugar balance Bone Health Brain Health Bromelain Calcium & Magnesium cardio Carotenoids Children's Health Children's Multi- Vitamins Chlorophyll cholesterol Cinnamon Cod Liver Oil Cold & Flu Cold Defense Cold Pressed Copper CoQ10 Corn Free Cough relief Curcumin Dairy Free Digestion Digestion & Enzymes Echinacea EFA's Egg Free Energy Eye Health Fish Based Oils Flush Free Folic Acid For Kids Full Spectrum Digestive Enzyme Garlic GLS Glucosamine Glucosamine Formula Gluten Free GMO Gout Support Halibut Liver Oil Health First HEALTH FIRST Kids' First Multi & Minerals - 120 Ch heart Heart Health Herbal Factors Herbal Remedies Hesperidin Hormonal Balance Hormone Support Immune Support Immune system Iron Iron Free Joint Imflammation relief Joint pain Joint pain relief Joints First Kosher KSM-66 Lactose Free Liver Health Lung Health Lutein Maca Root Magnesium Magnesium Citrate Melatonin Memory Men's Health Men's Minerals Men's Multi- Vitamin's Men's Multi- Vitamins Menopause Mental Health Metabolism Health Methylcobalamin Micronized Milk Thistle Minerals mood MSM Multi-minerals Multi-Vitamin Muscle function Natural Factors Natural Remedies nerve support Nervous system health Niacin No sugars added Non Drowsy Non Gmo Non-GMO Oil of Oregano Olive Leaf Olive oil Omega Omega Fatty Acids Orega Supreme Oregano Organic Osteoporosis Pantothenic Acid Papaya Enzymes Plant Based Oil Potassium Prenatal Prime Zyme Probiotic/acidophilus Prostate Protein Protein Bar Pycnogenol Quercetin Respiratory Health Resveratrol sea Selenium Sexual Health Single Minerals Skin Care Skin Health Sleep Sodium Free Soy Free Sports Supplements Stress SUGAR Sugar Free Supplements Supreme Tea Tree Thyme Thyroid Timed Release Tocopherol Turmeric Ubiquinol Urinary Tract Support Vegan Vegetarian Vitamin A Vitamin B Vitamin B Complex Vitamin B12 Vitamin B3 Vitamin B5 Vitamin B6 Vitamin C Vitamin D Vitamin D Sundrops Vitamin D3 Vitamin E Vitamin K Vitamin K2 Vitamins Vitamins and Minerals Weightloss Wheat Free Whey Whole Earth & Sea Women's Health Women's Minerals Women's Multi- Vitamin's Yeast Free Zinc
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