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GENIAL DAY PADS REGULAR FLOW 10 PADS By using organic and eco-certified materials, Genial Day sanitary napkins reduce the risk of irritation, minimize exposure to toxins and protect the environment. At the same time, it provides incredible absorbency due to air-laid cotton layer and nontoxic, highest quality SAP material, which can absorb four hundred times more its weight! Join the family of more than 1 million happy women around the world and detox your period with Genial Day! Features: The most absorbent, Eco-certified, patented sanitary napkins with Anion Strip, to make every woman’s period stress- and leak-free. Where science meets nature: better hygiene, health protection, freshness and maximum absorbency for every period and every day. Genial Day helps women stay healthy and confident. Developed to help to alleviate common symptoms associated with PMS and vaginal infection. Anion Strip: Natural protection against irritation & odour, made with antibacterial silver ions and Tourmaline gemstone—scientifically recognized detoxifier that promotes woman’s wellbeing. No fragrance or lotion added, skin friendly pH; made with the highest quality toxin-free materials to prevent irritation. Ultra thin and soft, breathable, individually wrapped. Proven safety by Oeko-Tex® 100 and Made for Health® certificates. Does not cause skin irritation—dermatologically tested. Not tested on animals, VEGAN certified, Leaping Bunny approved. Genial Day named among Top CPG Products for Innovation and Market Impact of 2017.