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NAHS PURELY-E. 30 mL. North American Herb and Spice brings you the purest vitamin E that is 100% soy-free and non-GMO. The proprietary blend includes the highest quality sunflowerseed oil, red palm oil, pumpkinseed oil, and wild rosemary oil. Purely- E is a complete source of all the tocopherols and tocotrienols without any synthetic components. This unique vitamin E comes in oil form for topical as well as internal use. Finally a vitamin E that everyone can take. A three drop serving provides 266% of the daily value of whole food vitamin E. ¥ an ideal administration as drops under the tongue for immediate absorption; great way to maximize the power of this essential vitamin ¥ the only soy-free non-GM vitamin E drops available ¥ fortified with wild red palm oil and Austrian pumpkinseed oil, both of which are top sources of vitamin E and tocotrienols ¥ ideal also for topical, on sores, wounds, irritated regions, rashes, acne, and much more ¥ a heart- and arterial-healthy whole food supplement as well as skin healthy Ingredients sunflowerseed vitamin E complex, cold-pressed Austrian pumpkinseed oil, cold-extracted wild red palm oil, wild rosemary oil Nutrients ¥ the complete vitamin E complex, including alpha, beta, and gamma tocopherols, along with tocotrienols