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NOW CHLOROPHYLL MINT 473 ML Now Foods is one of the pioneers of the supplement manufacturing industry, and for good reason. Their potent and diverse supplements contain some of the most effective ingredients. They continue this trend of increasingly potent supplements with the addition of Liquid Chlorophyll. Containing copper and Chlorophyll, Liquid Chlorophyll is able to keep your body healthy and improve a variety of bodily functions. Not only this supplement is incredibly effective and potent, but it is incredibly pure and is free from various allergens. Reduces signs of ageing and keeps your skin healthy Reduces inflammation in the body & improves mobility Eliminates post workout soreness & lowers recovery time Helps with weight loss as well as belly fat Improves red blood cell production in the body Keep away from the reach of children Consult with your physician before consuming this supplement Contains copper & chlorophyll along with peppermint oil and potassium sorbate Take one teaspoon once a day mixed in 8oz of water or any beverage of your choice Great for people looking to improve their red blood cell production Also good for athletes looking to reduce inflammation & soreness Does not contain any starch, wheat, yeast, corn, soy, gluten, or artificial colors or preservatives