Re-useable, Freezer & Dishwasher Safe Chalk Labels, 56pk

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The Best Chalkboard Labels on the market.
• Heavy-Duty—not the flimsy kind that most other labels are.
• Super Sticky—they will stay on in the dishwasher and the freezer and they don’t lose their stickiness.
• Removable—you can peel the labels off and they leave no sticker residue.  YAY!
• Reusable—reuse them by changing the container they’re on or by just changing the writing on the label.
• Simple to use – just peel, stick and write… or write, peel and stick.
• You can write on these labels with paint pens or liquid chalk markers.  Our preference is the paint pen, so we sell paint pens as well.  Water doesn’t affect the writing.  To remove the writing, use rubbing alcohol and a cloth or paper towel to rub it off.

Frequent uses:

  •  Label and date the food in your fridge or freezer so you know what it is and how long it’s been in there
  •  Organizing your pantry, cupboards, storage, garage, office etc.
  •  Leaving messages and notes for family.
  •  Organizing art, craft, sewing and scrapbooking supplies.
  •  Kid’s toy bins.
  •  Weddings (ie. Label jars filled with wedding favors to give to each guest, seating arrangements, candy jars, etc.).
  •  Label custom wine bottles.
  •  Classrooms--teachers love these!
  •  Stores, Salons, Cafes, etc. to label your products.
  •  Demoing products at tradeshows
  •  For scrapbooking.
  •  Stocking stuffers.
  •  A unique gift for someone hard to buy for.
     The list is truly endless…