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VIITA ABSORBANT BRIEFS (1) FULL BEIGE Viita’s high-tech design consists of three layers that each have a specific role in providing ultimate absorption, and most importantly, keeping the wearer dry at all times. The first layer quickly draws the liquid down to the second layer (most intelligent moisture wicking fabrics will draw humidity away from the body, this does the opposite). The second layer absorbs the liquid and rapidly disperses throughout the textile so the wearer always has an “even feeling” and this also allows for the liquid to not leak through. The third layer is really only there for emergency situations, in case the second layer gets to full and seeps through. The third layer will prevent it from going through onto the underwear. Even if you sit down the liquid will still be contained because it is evenly dispersed throughout the second layer. All threading used on the gusset is waterproof and double stitched, preventing you from any accidental leakage.