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Homegrown Foods Ltd is here to provide you with fresh, natural, organic and healthy food options for your whole body! We carry fresh and wholefoods, nutritional and body care products and also have an extensive gluten free product line along with organic/hormone free local meats & a large assortment of wild fish.
We are also pleased to offer a delivery service to Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Mayerthorpe and Whitecourt. Now you can quickly and easily order online and receive delivery (or pick up your order when it's ready). Orders over $100 receive FREE delivery within Stony & Spruce (ask us about our same day delivery service)
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Some satisfied on-line Customers:
"To see you deliver in town was like a tiny little blessing to me...Thank you for your wonderful service"
"Thank you again for being such a great part of our community and helping us lead healthy lives in a world full of poisons and gmos! !!! ♡ "
"All was great! I love this service ... and already recommended it"
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