The Best Keto Sweeteners

The Best Keto Sweeteners
Sweeteners are not a simple subject and even more complicated when you are following a ketogenic diet, luckily we're here to help with this simple guide.

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Chromium & Cinnamon to Support Weight Loss

Chromium & Cinnamon to Support Weight Loss
Chromium & cinnamon to support weight loss

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Probiotics, your kid’s superhero

Children don’t need a lot to survive. Food, water, shelter and most importantly, love. Every parent’s dream for their child is that they thrive in all areas of their life. What if there was a supplement that you could give your child daily that could help? Most parents do give their child a daily multivitamin which is important to fill the holes that exist in every kid’s diet. But it doesn’t end with multivitamins, every child could benefit from taking a daily probiotic for good digestive health.

Some people avoid the germ world at all costs, but the fact is that we are walking, talking petri dishes. The human gut alone contains on average: 40,000 bacterial species, 9 million unique bacterial genes and trillions of microbial cells. Bacteria are involved in many processes in the body including digesting food, protecting you from illness, and absorbing and manufacturing nutrients. In fact, they are vital to good health.

Many things can decrease the population of good bacteria in our bodies such as medications, poor diet, nutrient deficiencies and stress. Drugs such as broad spectrum antibiotics not only kill the bad bacteria we want to get rid of, but also the good bacteria in the digestive tract. With many children on antibiotics for issues such as sinus and ear infections, it is especially important to replenish the bacteria balance with probiotics during antibiotic use (2-3 hours away from taking an antibiotic).

If you think yogurt is enough, think again. You would need to eat at least 10 canisters of yogurt daily to obtain the amount of beneficial probiotics in a single dose of Ultimate Flora Kids Probiotic. It is a delicious chewable probiotic for kids. Each tablet contains 10 billion beneficial bacteria from 9 strains. They can help to support your child’s digestion, ease constipation/diarrhea and boost immunity.

For kids who already have great digestive health, it’s important to keep it that way. FloraBEAR is a billion culture, 4 strain chewable tablet with a citrus flavour from real orange and orange peel for a taste that children will enjoy.

For those with infants, there is FloraBABY, a clinically studied, 4 billion, 5 strain probiotic formula specifically designed for the intestinal tract and colon of infants. Don’t let the name fool you, FloraBABY is good for older children as well. It is a flavourless powder which can easily be mixed into warm or cool drinks such as infant formula, water, juice and milk, or soft foods such as yogurt and apple sauce. This allows parents to provide probiotics to children who do not like, or have a difficult time, taking supplements. It is safe to be taken from birthand is utilized by over 40 hospitals across the country including Sick Kids Hospital, McMaster Children’s Hospital, Children’s and Women’s Health Centre of BC and Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

The simple addition of a daily probiotic is one way to ensure a healthy gut and a healthy child!

Smart & Easy Tips for a Healthy Back to School (with out of the box ideas)

Smart & Easy Tips for a Healthy Back to School (with out of the box ideas)

In summer the days are long, hot, and feeding is easy, well, easier. Throw something on the BBQ. Toss some seasonal veggies in a salad. Summer eating is just more relaxed, and meal times are flexible. As fall draws near, so does back to school and busy routines. Fixed schedules and different demands on our time can make healthy meal prep challenging – especially breakfasts.

It’s true what they say – breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. As many parents know, it can be hard to get their kids to eat breakfast – and even harder for parents to grab their own breakfast. Here are 3 smart-‘n-easy secrets to a healthy, balanced breakfast:

“Let your Kid be the chef”: We all know, a great breakfast requires some strategic assembly – and a bit of magic getting kids up and ready in time to eat it before they leave. “Let your kid be the chef” means providing some key ingredients and having your kid(s) help assemble their own breakfast. Prep when there’s a bit more time. For example, while you are making dinner or during clean up, have kids think about what type of breakfast they want and let them pick out the ingredients.

A couple easy and nutritious options – overnight oats or a smoothie. Overnight oats can be assembled in small mason jars or individual containers while you are making dinner. Kids will love measuring and pouring in different add-ons like coconut, Hemp Hearts, fruit, or even chocolate chips. Refrigerate overnight, then simply grab and enjoy in the morning. If in a small portable container, you can even take with you on the go if really running late.

Or, try a smoothie. You can give kids cut up fruits and protein powder like Hemp Pro to load into the blender the night before. This makes for one less step in the morning. No time to prep the night before, simply add a protein smoothie powder to a non-dairy beverage in a shaker cup for breakfast on the move.

If you are really ambitious, try making homemade granola bars or muffins on the weekend for an easy weekday morning grab and go. Add more protein by incorporating protein powder with the flour, or adding in some Hemp Hearts to the batter.

“Shake up the Menu”: Are your kids balking at breakfast because it’s the same old thing daily? Shake things up to beat breakfast boredom. Here’s a secret to getting them back on track: Break the (breakfast food) Rule. Instead of only having breakfast foods for breakfast, let them have their other favourite foods. Last night’s leftover pizza, why not? It is better that they eat something then start their day on an empty stomach.

If uncomfortable feeding kids leftover pizza for breakfast, make up for it by including some healthy snacks in their lunch bag or as part of their afternoon activities. Hemp Heart Bites for example are crunchy bite-sized snacks that offer 10g protein and 10g omegas per serving. The best part – Hemp Heart Bites do not contain any known allergens so are safe for most schools and kids programs. (Note: Hemp Heart Bites are however packaged in a facility that also handles tree nuts).

“Be the Role Model”: Our kids may do what we tell them to do (well, most of the time), but what they see us doing is what really sticks with them. Not only is having a better breakfast key to YOUR optimal health, it’s also the key to your kids’ better health habits. Telling them to eat a good breakfast while they watch you toss back an espresso shot won’t work in the long run (for any of you). If you want them to find time for breakfast you’ve got to abide by the same rules.

Back to school can be intense and tiring. Resist the urge to gravitate to sugary treats and quick carbs to temporarily boost your energy. Focus on options that offer some nutritional value that will help fuel your active life. Some say apples help energize you. Try a snack of apple slices with nut or nut-free butter. A packaged snack option is Hemp Heart Bites. These delicious crunchy, bite-sized snacks contain protein and omegas, and are great for any age.

Whatever the option, make sure you are fuelling your back to school with balanced nutrition and healthy choices.

5 Health Tips for Better Grades

5 Health Tips for Better Grades


Our kids (and all of us) need to drink lots of water, especially before school in the morning! The latest research has found that their test scores and academic abilities actually depend on whether or not they’ve been drinking enough water Dehydration (even a very mild case) makes kids listless, lethargic, and irritable — not exactly the best frame of mind for memorizing multiplication tables.

Imagine the long-term effect of cell dehydration on young brains and their intellectual ability.

Tip: Add berries or orange, lemon or lime slices to water to add extra taste



Breakfast is critical for children (and all of us), especially the younger ones. Research has shown that breakfast-eaters do better academically and have fewer behavior problems than breakfast-skippers

Traditionally the children who ARE eating breakfast are consuming high-sugar “breakfast” foods (Cereals, Bars, Pop Tarts, etc). These unhealthy choices set kids up for a mid-morning energy crash — They go from a major blood sugar surge, to a blood sugar crash. Ideal breakfasts offer protein and complex carbs, which are digested more slowly.

Tip: Have a simple breakfast smoothie recipe that is full of brain-boosting omega-3 fats and antioxidants. If you are going to eat cereals choose whole grains and low sugar.



Excessively sleepy children in school seem more likely to have problems with learning, attention, hyperactivity, and conduct compared to children who are alert. That, in turn, makes it hard to get good grades.

To help improve sleep habits, help preschoolers get 11-12 hours of sleep a night and make sure teens get 9 to 10 hours of sleep.

Tip: Do NOT schedule activities around bedtime and keep computers, phones, tablets and TVs out of your child’s bedroom. Period.



Make sure fruits and vegetables are within arms reach at any time. Some great options are brightly coloured fruits and vegetables such as apples, bananas, oranges, carrots, beets, salad greens, green and yellow beans, dark leafy greens, and more.



A national longitudinal survey by the Department of Education found that children who ate fast food three or more times per week performed lower on standardized tests in reading and math.

Taking Heart Health Seriously

Supplement with CoQ10

Take Heart! Medical researchers tell us that many forms of heart disease can be prevented and even reversed. Doctors increasingly suggest integrated approaches to heart health that combine diet, lifestyle, nutritional supplementation, exercise and attitude with qualified professional health care. This holistic style empowers us all to actively participate in creating our own natural prescription for heart health. At the core of this heart health program is supplementation with CoQ10.

What is CoQ10 & What Does it Do?
Coenzyme Q10, also known as ubiquinol is a fat-soluble antioxidant with multiple therapeutic benefits. Found naturally in every cell, its name originates from the word ubiquitous, meaning “found everywhere.” Some of the highest concentrations of CoQ10 are found in our hearts. As an integral part of the energy-producing center of the cell (mitochondria), CoQ10 plays a critically important role in our overall health and metabolism. It literally helps to spark energy production within our cells.

Heart-felt Benefits
According to Dr Andrew Weil, one of the world’s leading integrative health physicians, coenzyme Q10 is super beneficial for heart health in many, many ways. It helps maintain the normal oxidative state of LDL cholesterol; it supports circulation and ensures optimal heart muscle function. CoQ10 may also improve the health of blood vessels. And that’s not all!

Coenzyme Q10 has been shown to reduce the number and severity of migraine headaches.

Especially recommended for those people with a family history of heart problems or with any increased risk for cardiovascular disease, CoQ10 is also safe and appropriate for healthy men and women as a preventive measure and to help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.

Are You Deficient?
CoQ10 deficiency has been associated with cardiovascular problems including angina, arrhythmia, heart failure and high blood pressure. Problems with blood sugar regulation, gingival (gum) health, and stomach ulcers have also been associated with CoQ10 deficiency. Those who are taking statins to lower cholesterol are at particular risk for deficiency, because statins block normal CoQ10 synthesis in the body. Low CoQ10 levels in patients on statins can contribute to the common side effects of statin therapy such as fatigue and aching joints and muscles.

As we age, our CoQ10 levels naturally decrease, making us more susceptible to heart health problems. In addition, many medications have a negative impact our body’s CoQ10. The most common medications that can lower CoQ10 levels in the body include: statins and fibric acid derivatives (for cholesterol), beta-blockers (for high blood pressure), and tricyclic antidepressant medications. These deficiency risks can be reduced through regular supplementation. People report significant heart health improvements with the use of CoQ10.

Better Absorption, Better Results
Formulated in a base of pure olive oil and rice bran oil Prairie Naturals’ softgel CoQ10 is easy-to-swallow, readily absorbable, and delivers superior antioxidant protection to all parts of the body, especially the heart.

Licensed by Health Canada
In Canada, CoQ10 is primarily recognized by Health Canada for use as a powerful antioxidant to support heart health. It is also recognized as helping to prevent migraine headaches and its associated nausea and vomiting. Natural health experts recommend an adult daily dosage of 100 to 300 mg daily taken with a meal containing fat or as directed by a health professional. Licensed by Health Canada (Natural Product Number 80025389), CoQ10 from Prairie Naturals is tested by independent, government-approved laboratories to ensure potency and purity. Prairie Naturals is a family-owned Canadian company dedicated to providing high quality supplements that help you Live the Healthy Life!

 Recommended by Leading Physicians
Thousands of published studies tout the benefits of CoQ10 for everything from heart health to gum disease. It’s proven to be so good for so many reasons. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Check it out yourself. Simply go to the Pubmed website and type in “Coenzyme Q10.” The last time I looked there were over 3500 studies listed, some of them dating as far back as 1960 and others as recent as February 2017. With more than 50 years of published research, it’s no wonder CoQ10 is recommended by leading physicians all around the world!

Healthy Heart Habits

– Take CoQ10
– Fill up on veggies
– Drink plenty of water
– Eliminate soft drinks
– Eat lots of high-fibre foods
– Eat a few walnuts every day
– Reduce the sodium in your diet
– Eat more apples and citrus fruit
– Eat more flax, hemp and buckwheat
– Include whole grains in your daily diet
– Increase plant-source proteins like hemp and brown rice


The health benefits of Vitamin K2

Osteoporosis, the weakening of the bones due to bone mineral loss, afflicts over two million Canadians, with many more going undiagnosed. The disease is associated with increased bone fractures and a loss of independence. It primarily affects menopausal women. Women can lose an alarming 2-5% bone density per year during menopause.1

When it comes to preventing osteoporosis, no other vitamin or mineral is more closely associated with bone health than calcium. Through Health Canada’s dietary recommendations, advice from our personal health care practitioners and the milk advertisements that we watch on television every day, the connection between calcium and bones is pervasive. Indeed, it is true that calcium is necessary for bone health. Calcium provides the protective “concrete” coating to the collagen “re-bar” of our skeletal structure. Our bones act as a store-house for calcium in the body. Humans, however, are not able to produce calcium – we must get it through our diet.

Because of the high incidence of osteoporosis and osteopenia in the aging population, it is assumed that calcium intake must be increased. Many women are supplementing with 1200 mg of calcium per day to prevent or slow osteoporosis based on the recommendation of their health care practitioner. Newer studies, however, have begun to question whether taking these high amounts of calcium is truly beneficial.

Recently the media has trumpeted such headlines as “Calcium pills taken by hundreds of thousands of women ‘double risk of heart attack and could do more harm than good” (Daily Mail, May 2012), leading calcium users to be concerned about supplementing with this mineral.2A large study done by the University of Auckland, looking at calcium supplement users in Germany was behind the headlines and suggested that calcium supplements at high doses may indeed be linked to an increased incidence of heart attacks. The study was quite controversial and some felt that more studies need to be done before such conclusions were drawn. The authors of the study concluded that calcium-only supplements in insolation were not as well utilized by the body as calcium from food sources.3

Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, has recently received increased attention for its role in bone health. Vitamin D helps us to absorb a higher percentage of our calcium intake. Supplementation of vitamin D is often recommended in Canada, due to our low intake of vitamin D during the short period of daylight in our winters. Vitamin D has its limits, however. While vitamin D increases absorption of calcium, it does not direct calcium to the bones. Yet another specialized vitamin is required to increase the uptake of calcium in the bones.

The Vitamin K2 Factor
While many have increased their calcium intake, the incidence of osteoporosis and cardiovascular incidents has also continued to rise. Emerging – and often ignored– research, is revealing that our intake of another much needed bone nutrient has decreased: vitamin K2.

Vitamin K2, a fat soluble vitamin, was once naturally abundant in our diets. It was found in the animal byproducts that we consumed daily, such as meat, eggs, dairy and cheese. Animals consume vitamin K1 from the grass that they eat while grazing and convert it into K2 in their own bodies; humans get the majority of their K2 by consuming animal by-products.

Times have changed, unfortunately. With our new modern farming techniques, most domesticated animals are now kept in barns and fed grains instead of grass. By not consuming grass, the animals are not getting the vitamin K1 that they would normally use to provide vitamin K2 rich by-products. By being housed inside, they no longer get vitamin D exposure from sunlight. While vitamin D is often fortified into animal-feed or added back into milk for human use, vitamin K is not.

Research indicates that K2 may prevent some of the negative consequences of high calcium intake. K2 ensures that calcium intake actually gets into the bone rather than being left to build up in the arteries and soft tissues. Calcium in the bone helps to increase bone density. Calcium in the blood becomes the primary mineral contained in plaque deposits that harden in the arteries, leading to cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease is linked to one-third of human deaths.4

Vitamin K1 is a related form of vitamin K found in leafy green vegetables. It is not significantly involved in bone or cardiovascular health. It does play a role in the blood-clotting factor of blood. Unlike vitamin K2, vitamin K1 is rarely deficient in humans. Those taking blood thinning medication need to monitor their consumption of vitamin K1-containing foods.

How does Vitamin K2 work?
To simplify a very complex process, Vitamin K2 is a protein activator. Its presence activates the proteins MGP (Matrix GLA Protein) and osteocalcin. Calcium binds to these two proteins when they are activated. Activated MGP draws calcium out of soft tissues, organs and arteries. Activated osteocalcin assists calcium in sticking to the bones. These dual actions are what make vitamin K2 so mutually effective for bone and cardiovascular health.

Sources of Vitamin K2
There are two main sources of vitamin K2 commonly available as supplements, MK-4 and MK-7. Both are found in animal by-products; however, MK-4 is only available as a synthetic source for supplementation. MK-7 is available as a natural source supplement. The fermentation of soybeans with the bacteria Bacillus subtilis to create the traditional Japanese dish natto bean, produces a rich, natural source of MK-7 form vitamin K2.

Although vitamin K2 does not get the attention it deserves, the clinical evidence of its effectiveness is well-documented.

Clinical Evidence for Bone Health:
• One study found that Japanese women from areas where natto bean (fermented soy bean) is regularly consumed have a higher concentration of MK-7(vitamin K2) levels than women in areas where natto is rarely eaten. Further, the Japanese women in the natto-eating regions have a reduced risk of bone fracture. A similar study also concluded that osteocalcin, a substance that attracts calcium to the bone, is found in higher concentrations in individuals eating natto on a regular basis.6
• A three-year study completed in 2013, evaluated menopausal women taking 180 mcg daily supplementation of MK-7 form vitamin K2. The study showed that vitamin K2 levels were effectively increased and concluded that MK-7 helped to reduce the loss of bone mineral density and content, while increasing bone strength.7
• A three-year, double-blind study of Vitamin K2 supplementation showed that women taking vitamin K2 had increased bone mineral content.8

Clinical Evidence for Cardiovascular Health:
• A large study in the Netherlands, involving almost 5,000 patients over a ten year period, suggested that consumption of foods rich in vitamin K2 could reduce the risk of arterial calcification and cardiovascular disease by as much as 50%.9
• Another Dutch study done in 2009 concluded that patients with higher dietary K2 levels had a reduced rate of coronary calcification. After 8 years, incidence of coronary heart disease was reduced by 9% for every 10 mcg of vitamin K2 consumption. Researchers commented that the MK-7 form of vitamin K2 could play an important role in reducing cardiovascular disease.10
• MK-7 supplements were shown to improve arterial stiffness in menopausal women in a double-blind placebo study. Women with a higher degree of stiffness benefited the most.11

Health First® Vitamin K2 Max
• Potent dose: Vitamin K2 Max meets Health Canada’s highest allowable daily dose of Vitamin K2 at 120 mcg per dose.
• Superior fermented form: Contains the preferred form of K2, MK-7 (menaquinone-7) from natural natto beans. Natto beans are soybeans that have been fermented with the bacteria Bacillus subtilis, producing nature’s richest source of vitamin K2. This form of K2 is more absorbable and longer-lasting than synthetic forms.


What you need to know about cleansing & detoxing


There is no question, we all want to be healthier. People spend thousands of dollars a year on healthcare, gyms, weight loss products and more. For many people their News Year resolutions involve ridding their bodies of toxins they were exposed to over the past year and particularly over the holidays with the abundance of sweets, alcohol and deep fried nibblies. If improving your heath is one of your New Year’s resolutions then it’s time to learn about cleansing and detoxification.

Detoxification is the body’s natural process of elimination or neutralization of toxic materials from cells, organs and the bloodstream. Cleansing is the action of helping your body to perform detoxification more thoroughly. One of the most important things you can do to improve your health is to adopt a detox-friendly lifestyle that includes regular internal cleansing.

A total body cleanse is one that supports each of the body’s seven channels of elimination—the liver, lungs, colon, kidneys, blood, skin and lymphatic system;
• The Liver – changes or detoxifies harmful toxins into substances that can be safely eliminated from the body.
• The Colon – eliminates toxins from the liver as well as the waste, which has accumulated in the intestines.
• The Blood – flows through the vascular system and carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the body while removing harmful waste.
• The Lymphatic System – eliminates poisons from cells through a network of vessels that extend throughout the body.
• The Skin – eliminates waste and toxins through perspiration.
• The Lungs – expel toxins through breathing (ex. Carbon dioxide). Deep breathing stimulates lymphatic flow to eliminate toxins.
• The Kidneys – receive water-soluble waste from the liver, so that they can be further filtered and finally eliminated through the bladder.

Together, these vital organs and organ systems work nonstop to purge and eliminate harmful toxins from within the cells and tissues. It is a process that occurs continuously and naturally. The issue is that our toxic load is heavier than ever before. There are more chemicals in use today than ever before and more are introduced each year. Add to this our processed diet and stressful lifestyle and it stands to reason that our body’s natural processes could use some assistance from time to time. Natural cleansing formulas are designed to support the innate processes by which the body gets rid of toxins and waste.

Powerful Overall Support
CleanseSMART is a unique 30 day all natural herbal cleanse. It is formulated to stimulate the cleansing and detoxification process of the body’s 7 channels of elimination. It contains an organ detox formula and a colon support formula to enhance elimination. 2-3 bowel movements daily are ideal for good health and CleanseSMART can help you achieve this without the use of harsh laxatives. It is one of Canada’s number one selling cleanses because it works!

First Cleanse is a 15 day cleanse designed specifically for the ‘first time’ or ‘sensitive’ cleanser. It works to gently stimulate the body’s 7 channels of elimination.

Total Body Rapid Cleanse is a powerful 7 day full body cleansing program that is ideal if you are struggling to find the time for a longer program.

Cleansing is a great way to start on your path towards better health. If you are able to incorporate diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle changes, this is a fantastic way to keep your energy high and have great overall health.


If you breathe, you should cleanse

If you breathe, you should cleanse

Every day we hear more and more about the devastating effects of widespread pollution on our planet’s environment. But how often do we stop to consider its effect on our bodies? We live in a world where toxins are found in the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the products we put on our bodies and even in the clothes that we wear. Over time, this toxic load takes its toll on the body. Slowly, but surely, our energy declines and our bodies begin to deteriorate. What starts out as a small ache and pain may eventually turn into something more serious unless we begin to take charge of our health and reverse the damage that is being done. Cleansing is one of the most important things you can do for your health.

Natural cleansing formulas are designed to support the innate processes the body uses to get rid of toxins and waste. A total body cleanse is one that supports each of our body’s seven channels of elimination—the liver, lungs, colon, kidneys, blood, skin and lymphatic system. Together, these vital organs and systems work nonstop to purge and eliminate harmful toxins from deep within the cells and tissues. A total body cleansing formula can help to clear the detoxification pathways and jumpstart the body’s natural cleansing ability.

Renew Life is an industry leader in cleansing and detoxification and has three full body cleanses to help no matter where you are on your cleansing journey. There is a formula specific to beginners and people sensitive to cleaning, one for advanced cleansers and people who are prone to constipation and even a quick powerful cleanse for those who don’t have a lot of time but want a product that can be effective.

How do I know which cleanse is right for me?

First Cleanse  Your First Step Towards Better Health
First Cleanse is a unique, 15 day all natural herbal cleanse, formulated specifically for the ‘first time’ or ‘sensitive’ cleanser. It is designed to stimulate the cleansing and detoxification process of the body’s 7 channels of elimination (liver, lungs, colon, kidneys, skin, blood and lymphatic system). First Cleanse is strong enough to be effective, yet gentle enough that it will not cause mild headaches or nausea that can result from detoxifying too quickly.

CleanseSMART  The Advanced Cleanse System
CleanseSMART is an advanced cleansing and detoxification program. This two-part cleanse is also designed to stimulate the body’s seven channels of elimination, but it is 4-5 times stronger than First Cleanse and more effective at eliminating constipation and improving bowel function.

Rapid Cleanse – When You Only Have 7 Days
If you only have 7 days to cleanse, Rapid Cleanse is your best choice for complete, total body cleansing. Rapid Cleanse is a powerful 3 part cleanse to detoxify all 7 of the body’s channels of elimination.

Renew Life cleanses are easy to take and there is no dedicated meal plan, although trying to improve your diet and drink more water is recommended. Dietary suggestions are included in the box.

Don’t Forget the Fibre!
Fibre while cleansing is a must. Fibre works to absorb toxins and eliminate them from the body. Soluble fibre acts like a sponge to absorb excess cholesterol and toxins and insoluble fibre ‘scours’ the intestinal tract and colon clean. FibreSMART is a unique, flax-based fibre that contains 50% soluble and 50% insoluble fibre. It also contains ingredients to help heal and soothe the digestive tract.

Herbal cleansing can help you feel your best every day. Talk to your natural health care practitioner if you’re unsure about whether it’s right for you. They can help you take the first step toward a healthier new you.

When cold and flu attack, fight back!

When cold and flu attack, fight back!


Each winter, colds and flu put millions of people out of commission. Unless you live in a bubble, you’ll be exposed to viruses. Minimizing your risk of infection or knowing what to take to beat unwanted bugs is essential. Especially during the holiday season!

While there are many effective prevention strategies, the most important of all is maintaining a strong immune system. That way, your body will fight off an infection before it gets out of control and makes you sick.

Perhaps the most popular immune-booster is Echinacea Purpurea. In 2012, scientists at the Cardiff University School of Biosciences completed the largest clinical study on Echinacea purpurea in history using A.Vogel’s Echinaforce®, made from fresh organic, GMO free plants. The study proved that Echinaforce® can be taken daily for up to four months to significantly reduce chances of catching a virus by over 50%.

This research also showed that this particular preparation of Echinacea acts adaptively according to the health of the individual. When we’re stressed and run down, Echinacea will work harder for us than when we’re strong and happy.

The other good news is that Echinaforce® protects the entire family including kids 2+ and pregnant and nursing moms*.

Echinaforce® Hot Drink – Proven as effective as prescription medication… but better!
In a 2015 study, a powerful hot drink combination of Echinacea and Elderberry was shown to be as effective as the standard prescription influenza medication Oseltamivir with 65% less complication risks (pneumonia, sinusitis, bronchitis).

Early treatment of influenza is critical for shortening the duration and severity of symptoms and also for reducing the spread. Echinaforce®Hot Drink is as powerful as a prescription medication, yet it is available over the counter and thus could be used at the first signs of symptoms.

Echinaforce® Sore Throat Spray – Spray the pain away!
At the first tell-tale tickle at the back of the throat, try Echinaforce® Sore throat spray. This combination of Echinacea, Peppermint and Sage is fast acting, cooling and soothing to the throat. It has been clinically shown to be effective and to have an anesthetic effect that is as powerful as the leading pharmaceutical sore throat medication in Europe.

Echinaforce® Sore throat spray is effective against the pain of swollen tonsils, pharyngitis and general throat pain and inflammation. It has a pleasant peppermint fresh taste. The long nozzle is particularly practical for applying the spray to the back of the throat, where the pain is located.

Echinaforce® tincture and tablets
A.Vogel’s Echinaforce® line of products has over 20 published studies under its belt!
• Clinically shown to help prevent and relieve the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections (URTI) such as the common cold and flu.
• Shortens the duration of URTI.
• Used in Herbal Medicine to support the immune system, especially in times of stress, lack of sleep and for smokers.
• Reduces bronchitis or pneumonia risk
• Can be used by pregnant or nursing women and by children ages 2+*
• 100% natural and clinically proven
• Made from fresh, organic, GMO free plants
• Do not cause drowsiness
• Free of gluten and added coloring
• Tincture and tablet format available (Original, Extra-strength and Junior)

Exciting exclusive program
A.Vogel offers so much more than just the highest quality natural remedies on the market. Did you know that they have one of the most elaborate information driven website in the natural health industry? Check it out

Since A. Vogel started the company in 1923, providing information to his patients on how to maintain good health has been one of his life missions. Almost 100 years later, his philosophies still embody the heart of our brand.

We invite you to sign up for the free A.Vogel Flu Coach Program this year! For 7 days you’ll receive information, tips and tricks straight into your mailbox to help you and your family keep unwanted viruses away this cold and flu season or to recover more quickly should you get sick!

*(excluding the Sore Throat Spray)

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