When You Have No Time for Pain

When You Have No Time for Pain

Those familiar with the natural health industry may already know the name MyoNatural. Over the past 15 years, it rapidly became the number one selling topical pain cream in many stores.

We know that people in pain try lots of products, just like you and I, and often times these products disappoint. MyoNatural is different. It uses a proprietary delivery system to transport the healing ingredients to the cellular level. This delivery system is called “phospholipid” delivery, which means when the cream is rubbed on the skin, the particles are so small they penetrate the 7 layers of skin known as the dermal layer. Under the dermal layer is the cellular level and all experts agree that that is where pain originates. The buildup of lactic acid is the accepted root cause of pain.

MyoNatural works like this… when someone has a lot of knee pain for example, there is a lot of inflammation. Normal cells can be thought of as the size of a golf ball. The cells around the knee when engorged can be thought as the size of grapefruits. The real magic is experiencing what happens to pain 5 or 10 minutes after applying this cream. The engorged cells are reduced in size, pain is reduced, and range of motion is returned.

Another noteworthy benefit is that MyoNatural has NEVER had any reported adverse reactions! There are also zero contraindications with any drugs. The bottom line is that no matter what you are already taking, you can still experience instant relief!

There 2 main medicinal ingredients in the formulation of MyoNatural. We use menthol crystals and cetyl myristoleate, which is a fatty acid that has more than 20 years of positive test results in reducing pain. It’s important to note that MyoNatural contains ZERO methyl salicylates. These toxic ingredients are loaded into most preparations you would find on the shelf at traditional drug stores.

You may be wondering – Can I use it every day for chronic pain? Yes, and here is why: Daily use will promote the growth of healthy new cells that will encourage homeostasis. Many older users tend to believe they only need it for acute use, but the best long-term results for people managing chronic pain are realized with daily use. The real testament to MyoNatural is the generation of customers that have been using this product for years and will not change.

MyoNatural comes in 2 sizes, a 3-ounce airless pump that delivers a controlled dose of cream and the money saving 16-ounce pump.

MyoNatural Pain Relief Cream

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MYONATURAL™ was developed by health care professionals for sports injuries, workout enhancement, joint pain and stiffness, sore muscles, arthritis, back pain relief and more. Professional athletes have trusted MYONATURAL™ to reduce pain and discomfort from minor injuries and muscle strains.

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