Power Up Your Protein Supplement With Fermentation

Introducing the first complete fermented protein supplement made from Greek yogurt – NEW fermented GREEK YOGURT proteins+ from Genuine Health.

Humans are entirely dependent upon dietary sources of protein, including nine essential amino acids (individual protein units) that we simply cannot make on our own. Without the right mix of amino acids, we will not grow, thrive – or survive! The message is loud and clear that protein is part of a healthy lifestyle!

People use protein for a variety of reasons: weight management, as a smoothie booster, for athletic performance, building lean body mass, immune support or in preventing muscle loss from aging. In fact, experts are arguing that protein requirements (for many) are higher than initially thought.

Despite the wide variety of protein supplements on the market, many are off the table for consumers because of issues with bloating or sensitivities, poor digestibility and absorption or because they contain unnatural or questionable ingredients.

While whey protein is a popular supplement, often appealing to those who equate quality with the highest protein content, not everyone can use it because of poor digestibility. Despite the high protein counts on labels– more does not always mean better when there are obstacles to absorption.

This is where fermentation makes a BIG difference! Fermentation works to partially break down proteins into more easily-processed components, so less digestive effort is required. Our ancestors, dating back to Paleolithic times came to understand this and learned how to use fermentation to maximize the availability of protein in times of scarcity. Among the many fermented foods used throughout history by cultures around the globe – fermented dairy features prominently. Fermentation of animal milks is an ancient practice appearing in the historical records, and has been used as a dietary staple for centuries. It wasn’t until the 1800s that western physicians began to describe the ability of this fermented milk to prevent muscle wasting. But the benefits of fermented diary continue to be valued today! In fact, where North Americans have consumed almost 30% less milk and cream over the last several decades, the intake of fermented dairy products has more than doubled!!

Now, for the first time – fermented dairy in a protein supplement is available, providing the amazing unique, nutritive benefits of dairy, without the digestive disturbances! NEW fermented GREEK YOGURT proteins+ from Genuine Health provides 25 grams of easily digested and absorbed protein in every serving sourced from Greek yogurt!

Careful fermentation using traditional cultures creates a smooth, creamy, delicious protein supplement with all of the benefits that protein-rich dairy has to offer, without digestive upset or bloating! Plus it is made with conscious sourcing in mind! Not all dairy protein supplements are sustainably sourced or contain clean, quality ingredients. The cows that produce milk used for the fermented Greek Yogurt proteins+ are raised, pastured and farmed in dairies committed to sustainable practices, producing milk that is free from hormones, antibiotics and GMO’s with no acid-whey by-product in its production.

Get maximum absorption from your protein supplement, along with the gut strengthening health benefits of fully fermented protein from grass fed California dairy in every serving of fermented Greek Yogurt proteins+.

Recipe: Baklava Bites with fermented GREEK YOGURT proteins+

1 scoop fermented proteins+ vanilla
3 cups walnuts, ground
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tbsp ground flax seed
2 tbsp grass-fed butter (melted or softened)
1/2 lemon, juiced
2 tbsp honey
2 tbsp water

“Phyllo” Almond Coating
1 cup ground almonds
1 tbsp softened grass fed butter
Sprinkle of cinnamonApril-27-FB-1024x537


  • Mix dry ingredients in a bowl and combine thoroughly.
  • Add in softened butter and remaining wet ingredients. Mix well until a sticky dough consistency is reached (add more water as needed).
  • Roll into bite-sized balls.
  • Create “phyllo” almond coating by toasting ground almonds with butter in frying pan until golden (being careful to stir often to avoid burning). Add a sprinkle of cinnamon.
  • Roll each bite into the “phyllo” almond coating.
Makes approximately 2 dozen. They freeze well and taste great when thawed.
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