They create a beautiful ambiance that is calming and uplifting, but more importantly offer incredible health benefits for you and your family!

Here are nine reasons why you should use Himalayan salt lamps.

1. Reduce Your Allergy & Asthma Symptoms

It's allergy season, but have you tried a salt lamp to reduce your symptoms? HPS (Himalayan Pink Salt) lamps are great at removing microscopic particles of mold, dust, pet dander and mildew from the surrounding air. With a couple of salt lamps in your home, it should help with seriously cutting back on all of your allergy symptoms. People who are suffering from asthma have even been able to see a huge difference in just a week or two. 

2. Neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation

Today, most of us are surrounded by electromagnetic (EM) radiation because of all our electronics. Even though this radiation is invisible to the naked eye, the many long-term effects of this type of exposure can potentially cause quite a bit of symptom such as chronic fatigue, increased stress levels, and decreased immune response.

The way these amazing Himalayan salt lamps work is they neutralize the electromagnetic radiation as they emit negative ions into the air.

When placing lamps throughout your house, ensure you have them within proximity of your computers, TVs and common areas you use electronics

Himalayan Salt Lamp - Large3. Cleanse & Deodorize the Air

Salt lamps have incredible power to remove pollen, dust, cigarette smoke, and other harmful contaminants from the air.

Through the mighty power of hygroscopy, Himalayan salt lamps are able to purify the air around them, meaning that they will attract water molecules from the air around them and take them into themselves. Then when heated up by the light and warmth of a light bulb, the same water molecules then evaporate back into the air, leaving behind all of the harmful smoke, dust, pollen, etc. trapped within the salt.

4. Much Better Sleep

Positively charged ions in the air tend to rob you of any chance of a good nights sleep, and the reason this happens is that the particles can reduce blood and oxygen supply to the brain, which then results in us having irregular sleep patterns. Believe it or not, Himalayan pink salt lamps are natural negative ion generators, which can help to reverse the problem of being over exposed to positive ions.

So when you hear the term negative ion you just need to remember that we are electrical beings and having too much of a positive charge can cause a lot of problems in our body such an inflammation. This is why people use grounding mats, walk around barefooted outside and keep Himalayan salt lamps around. They all help to ground out the positive charge and bring your body into a balanced state.

5. Improves your Mood & Concentration

If you are looking to unwind at the end of the day then Himalayan salt lamps can be an incredible way to help you to naturally unwind and relax at the end of the day. On the other side, these lamps have been known to be great for helping to improve concentration. This is another awesome effect of the negative ions. They providing a boost of serotonin (the neurotransmitter that actually makes us feel happy) and will improve oxygen and blood supply to your organs and brain.

6. Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (Depression)

The natural soft light that is given off by the Himalayan salt lamps helps to generate negative ions that help to improve energy levels and mood. To our bodies, it feels close enough to the warming glow of the sun, that they have even been used to help relieve the symptoms that come with Seasonal Affective Disorder. Feeling depressed during the winter time is never fun so keep one of these lamps nearby to help curb the effects.

7. Increase Your Energy Levels

Think about your outdoor getaways; you may go camping in the rocky mountains, spend the day at a lake or just drive through the countryside with the windows down. Now consider the sense of feeling invigorated and energized afterwards and it may not be a coincidence that these types of activities tend to expose us to more concentrations of negative ions similar to those that are generated by salt lamps.

So, if you ever go throughout your day and you find yourself feeling tired and fatigued without a clear reason you may want to try spending a few hours a day next to a salt lamp (or outside away from city life and your electronic devices)

8. Eases Coughing

When you use your salt lamp for a while it will heat up and begin to start its hygroscopic cycling of all of the different airborne particles, while simultaneously changing the molecules which are released. Positive ions are created by a multitude of things, but the primary source for most of us tends to be our different electronics.

One of the huge downsides to our well being when breathing different amounts of positive ions in the air is that the cilia (or microscopic hairs) that line the trachea, tend to become sluggish and don’t work properly to keep the different contaminants out of our lungs. Salt lamps absorb particles and water from the surrounding air, including positive ions. Then when the salt lamp is heated up it then releases cleansed water vapor right back into the air, expelling negative ions that have the complete opposite effect on our airways-increasing cilial activity to help keep our lungs clear.

What all this means is that besides helping to remove all the contaminants from the air in your home, the Himalayan salt lamps helps your body to filter airway more efficiently so that foreign particles that you do wind up breathing in, won’t actually make it into your lungs.

9. Reduce Static Electricity in the Air

While not directly a said “health benefit” from first glancing at it, static can be some pretty irritating stuff. It tends to cause all kinds of issues such as frustration and even stress. Not to mention those random little zaps from all kinds of surfaces, including your partner giving you a kiss and having a bad hair day when you least expect it.

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