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20/20 in 2020

20/20 in 2020

Your eyesight is important and taking preventative action to protect your vision is key. There are many simple things that can be done including wearing sunglasses year-round, reducing exposure to blue light and UV rays and incorporating nutrients like lutein and zeaxanthin into your diet. Clinical studies have shown that supplementation can be one of the most effective ways to support total eye health1,2.

Total Vision Care™ is the only eye health supplement recognized by The Vision Institute of Canada. It is a comprehensive formula that is based on the clinically proven AREDS2 formula1,2. It goes further by including alpha lipoic acid, bilberry, citrus bioflavonoids, and grape seed extract for additional antioxidant protection.

Supports Vision Under All Light Conditions
Total Vision Care supports visual acuity under all light conditions including; glare and daytime and night vision. Vitamin A, lutein and zeaxanthin, found in abundance in the retina, support dim-light vision, colour vision and normal retina function5.

Digital Eye Strain
Lutein, zeaxanthin, zinc and vitamin C found in Total Vision Care play a role in protecting the eyes against damage from high energy blue light from digital screens.

Reduce the Risk of Developing Cataracts and AMD

Total Vision Care includes alpha lipoic acid, bilberry, and grape seed extract. These antioxidants work together to reduce free radical damage to both the lens and the retina. Alpha lipoic acid plays an important role in helping to maintain optimal amounts of glutathione and vitamins C and E in the lens of the eyes. The lens of the eye has one of the most abundant sources of glutathione in the body. Together these antioxidants protect the lens of the eye and the retina from free radical damage, reducing the risk of developing cataracts and AMD,4.

Superior Nutrient Absorption
Total Vision Care is made with Platinum Naturals’ Superior Nutrient Absorption™ delivery system that suspends the ingredients in healthy omega-3 fish oils. Superior Nutrient Absorption™ optimizes the absorption and delivery of the nutrients to the eyes, increasing antioxidant power and macular pigment density.

Your eyesight is precious. If you’re concerned about your vision, consider taking Total Vision Care to provide your eyes with the nutritional defense they need to protect your vision and reduce the risk of developing degenerative conditions



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