A Whole Growing Season in one Tablet

A Whole Growing Season in one Tablet

Whole Earth & Sea® offers you real nutrition from real wholefoods, many of which are grown and harvested by hand on our own certified 100% organic and non-GMO Factors Farms® in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.

Our supplements offer the best nutritional value, potency, and wholefood goodness sourced from the best raw materials, carefully selected seeds, and plants grown from the seed up. Our plants are harvested at their peak, and then raw processed right away at our own facilities.

The soil in the Okanagan is special and rich, and we don’t allow any pesticides on it or on our plants, which are tended to daily. The patience and care we apply to growing and harvesting our plants are also applied to our preservation techniques.

Whole Earth & Sea formulators understand how important the whole plant is because of its antioxidant benefits, including the peel, stem, leaves, and seeds. So the entire plant is used in slow and gentle batch-by-batch processing resulting in concentrated formulas.

Traditional methods of food preservation can destroy a plant’s natural nutrients and healing power. Processing can expose sensitive raw materials to unnatural levels of heat, light, and oxygen, which can reduce nutrient content. By contrast, our proprietary EnviroSimplex® method protects delicate fruits, vegetables, and herbs from damage that can occur with old processing techniques. The watchword we use for processing is “gentle.”

From a complete line of multivitamins and minerals to probiotics and organic greens, Whole Earth & Sea offers a comprehensive variety of supplements with wholefood benefits from fruits and vegetables. Our supplements are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and ideal for individuals who want more wholefood nutrition.

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