Candida Can Affect Anyone: The symptoms & 5 step natural treatment

Candida Can Affect Anyone: The symptoms & 5 step natural treatment

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Believe it or not, Candida is the reason I’m in the health industry and why I became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. As miserable as I was when I was plagued by Candida overgrowth, I’m grateful for it now because it got me on the path to wellness and I’ve never looked back.

My symptoms of Candida were classic: I was tired all the time; I had persistent gas and bloating; I had vaginal yeast infections every month; my joints and muscles ached; I had brain fog to the point that if I didn’t write things down I’d never remember them; I was depressed and my sugar cravings were so bad that I would get up in the middle of the night and drive to the store to get something sweet to eat. I learned later that Candida feeds on sugar so it was causing these intense cravings.

We all have yeast in our intestinal tract to some degree. The ideal ratio of good bacteria to yeast is one million to one. Unfortunately, it is easy for that ratio to get out of balance when we are nutrient deficient, eat too many refined carbohydrates/sugar, experience a lot of stress, or take antibiotics and use medications such as cortisone, birth control pills or anti-inflammatory drugs.

Most conventional doctors only recognize candida as being related to the common yeast infection in women or thrush in children, but anyone can have it. There are several types of yeast which affect different parts of the body in both males and females. Yeast starts in the digestive tract and if it is not controlled in the gut, it may become systemic where it can spread throughout the body to places such as to the vagina, urinary tract, skin, fingernails, toenails, mouth, organs and tissues. This is when it becomes the underlying cause of many other health problems.

Symptoms of candida may include:
– Persistent bloating / gas
– Joint and muscle pain
– Recurring vaginal yeast infections
– Food sensitivities / allergies
– Recurring bladder infections
– Fatigue
– Sugar cravings
– Brain fog
– Bad breath
– Blurred vision
– Chemical sensitivity
– Depression
– Sinus problems
– Insomnia

If are suffering from Candida, here are 5 recommendations that can get you on the road to renewed energy and vitality:

1. Eliminate or minimize antibiotics, steroids, immune suppressing drugs and oral contraceptives (only after consulting your health care provider). These medications may set up the perfect environment for Candida to flourish.

2. Cleanse your system with anti-fungal herbs. CandiGONE is a 15 day, two part, broad spectrum antifungal and antibacterial herbal cleanse. It specifically targets yeast organisms and eliminates them from the body. Yeast is a pleomorphic organism, which means it can change form. Just as certain bacteria become antibiotic resistant, yeast can become antifungal resistant. By using more than one type of antifungal, yeast is not likely to adapt so CandiGONE is the perfect answer. If someone has a severe case of candida, the kit can be performed multiple times until symptoms disappear.

3. Re-establish good bacteria with probiotics. Probiotics help crowd out and directly fight off invading organisms. Ultimate Flora Critical Care is a 50 billion culture, 10 strain probiotic formula designed to treat intestinal ailments in both the small and large intestine.

4. Increase your fibre consumption. This will help absorb and sweep out Candida toxins. Thirty to forty grams of fibre per day is required for healthy elimination. FibreSMART is a blend of soluble and insoluble fibre that also contains healing factors to soothe the gut lining.

5. Change your diet to one that will not encourage growth of Candida. Eliminate all sugar and sweeteners including fruit, fruit juices, carbohydrates and dairy products. Eliminate all fermented and moldy foods including alcohol, soy sauce, vinegar, mushrooms and peanuts. Cut out all forms of alcohol. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and lean proteins. This is necessary to starve the Candida while you are killing it off.

Once you begin to eliminate Candida from your body, you will find your energy increasing, your mind clearing, cravings diminished and overall well-being improving. Keep in mind, before you feel better you may experience die-off symptoms that can include: headaches, mood swings, skin breakouts, the need for more sleep etc.

By Caroline Farquhar, R.H.N., B.A. 

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