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DIY Aromatherapy Ideas

DIY Aromatherapy Ideas

DIY Aromatherapy Ideas

Interest in aromatherapy continues to grow with people joining the trend every day. You might start by looking for a scent that you have just enjoyed at someone else’s home, but you may not be aware of the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, or where to go to next. Here are some tips to help put this practice to use.

Top Ten Basic Therapeutic Home Kit

This selection of 10 essential oils can help with the most common health conditions, skin care, for use around the home and during travels. Natural essential oils are highly concentrated and should be used with care. When applying topically they should be diluted with a carrier oil.

  1. Lavender – antibiotic, antiseptic, sedative, burns, scalds (can be applied “neat” – directly to the skin)
  2. Tea Tree – antiseptic action, healing action, stings, bites, rash, effective surface cleaner
  3. Peppermint – antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, digestive, respiratory, circulation, fights fatigue, mice and insect deterrent
  4. Chamomile (German, Roman) – anti-inflammatory properties, disinfectant, antibacterial, antispasmodic, skin rejuvenation
  5. Eucalyptus – (cools & warms) antiseptic, expectorant, antiviral, muscle and joint pain
  6. Geranium – antiseptic, astringent, radiant glow to skin, anti-inflammatory
  7. Rosemary – physical and mental stimulant, antiseptic, arthritis, migraine, coughs, flu
  8. Thyme – anti-viral, antiseptic, antibiotic, diuretic, insects and parasites deterrent, effective surface cleaner
  9. Lemon – antiseptic, antibacterial, stimulates digestion, tonic action on lymph system, clean air, cleaning agent, surface cleaner
  10. Clove – analgesic, antiseptic antibacterial, immune support 

Essential Oil Blending Made Simple

Blended kits make it easy for first time users to identify the purpose of a single or combination of scents. Specialty blends and boxed kits are available to help navigate the many choices of oils available. Blends are a wonderful way to learn how single essential oils can be used in blends for specific scents and purposes.

Common and Versatile Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are a necessity for those who are interested in creating cosmetics, massage oils, or other DIY health and beauty product. You can start by purchasing a smaller size carrier oil until you find your favourite. These carrier oils can be used on their own, or essential oils can be blended with them for further benefits. These are the four most common carrier oils:

  1. Almond Oil – This popular carrier oil is commonly used as a cosmetic ingredient for softening and moisturizing. It nourishes skin cells and improves elasticity. It’s slightly lighter than Jojoba Oil and absorbs quickly. Ideal for any skin type.
  1. Jojoba Oil – Similar to human sebum, this oil penetrates skin effectively and is used in personal care formulations as a skin moisturizer and for cell renewal. One of the most popular skin care oils, it’s rich in texture and provides excellent “slip” for massage. Suitable for all skin types and can also be used for hair health and perfumes.
  1. Avocado Oil – Contains collagen-supporting amino acids and protein as well as vitamins A, D and E. Helps increase epidermal elasticity while moisturizing and softening skin. A heavier skin care oil that will be most beneficial for those with extra dry or chapped skin.
  1. Grape Seed Oil – A powerful antioxidant that protects skins collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Penetrates into the skin easily and is rich in flavonoids. This nice light oil won’t clog pores and is great for sensitive skin.


Most people start by using essential oils aromatically as it is a simple place to begin. Ultrasonic diffusers can help meet the demands of varied tastes. USB diffusers provide lower price points and may be suitable for younger or more tech-savvy individuals. Fitting into home décor and filling different sized rooms with a scent can also be a deciding factor. One thing most can agree upon is diffusers make it easy to enjoy essential oil scents in a safe and effective manner as ultrasonic technology is a heatless system that preserves the integrity of the essential oil. With many diffusers also including lighting options, you can set just the right mood in any space.

Interested in making some essential oil recipes of your own? Check out these fun recipes from NOW® Foods Canada.

Fresh Face Blend

Designed for nighttime use, this blend is a simple yet effective combination of lemon, rose hip and rosemary oils. Treat yourself just before bedtime and wake up to a radiant complexion!

10 ml NOW® Rose Hip Seed Oil
2 drops NOW® Rosemary Oil
2 drops NOW® Lemon Oil

1. Combine all ingredients together.
2. Apply to face and neck area, be sure to avoid sensitive areas.

Diffuser Recipes

Add the following oils to a diffuser and enjoy!

Botanical Bliss:
5 drops NOW® Rose Absolute Oil Blend
2 drops NOW® Ylang Ylang Extra Oil

So Sweet Cinnamon:
6 drops NOW® Tangerine Oil
4 drops NOW® Cinnamon Cassia Oil
2 drops NOW® Nutmeg Oil


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