It’s as Canadian as peanut butter? Fascinating food facts

It’s as Canadian as peanut butter? Fascinating food facts

Whether born out of curiosity or necessity, this country has a rich history in creating new foods

When we think of a Canadian meal, we think of beef, pork, lamb, chicken, milk, and all the fixings.

Spring is here and the BBQ has likely been dusted off to welcome these old flames to our weary winter palate. As Canadians, we set the table with favourites such as lasagna, burgers of every description, the fried dough named beaver tails, and other regional goodies that just seem so Canadian.

How does peanut butter and the California roll fit into our identity as Canadians?

Although we do not grow much in the way of peanuts nor do we harvest white rice, these are Canadian inventions.

Marcellus Gilmore Edson was born in Bedford, Que. in 1849 and became a pharmacist in Montreal. Concerned about those who could not chew food, he created peanut butter by milling peanuts between heated plates and added sugar to give it consistency. In 1884, he patented the spread and Canada’s favourite snack, the peanut, became a household staple in the form of peanut butter.


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