Natural Menopause Relief

Natural Menopause Relief

Ah menopause — that significant middle-age transition all women go through, which has been called a time of joyous transformation… Clearly, by someone who has either never experienced it, or is a bonafide sadomasochist. For many women, it’s not fun or joyous.

Regardless of how erratic a journey it is — full of hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings (to put it lightly), fatigue, itchiness, skin changes, pain, forgetfulness and scattered thinking — it is a genuine time of transition and transformation into what is, potentially, a beautiful new phase of regeneration, wisdom and stability. And there are safe and effective ways of making the transition a lot smoother and symptom free.

Enter PURICAs Menopause Relief.

Technically speaking, menopause is considered to be the one year mark without having a period, but the symptoms of pre and perimenopause can start a lot earlier, as women produce less of the hormones estrogen and progesterone.

Hormone balancing is no easy thing, and many women are concerned about menopause formulas out there — and for good reason — due to common side effects like weight gain, liver toxicity, cancer or vaginal bleeding. That’s one of many reasons we, and the women who take it, are so excited about our REBALANCE menopause relief.

Primarily due to our patented form of EstroG-100, stemming from an ancient Eastern combination of three synergistically woven herbs — Giant angelica, Wilford’s cynanchum, and Sok-dan — which comes with a TON of research on it, over a long period of time, specifically for safety and effectiveness of symptom relief.

Working on average 6 times faster than other popular natural herbs like black cohosh and Soy Genistein, EstroG-100 demonstrated no change in weight gain, cholesterol & Blood Pressure (common issues with others) and had a wider ranging effect on common menopause symptoms. Namely proven to relieve the symptoms associated with menopause, such as hot flashes, night sweats, paresthesia (itchy/tingly skin), insomnia, nervousness, vertigo, fatigue, rheumatic pain and vaginal dryness.

But we didn’t stop there — Adding onto that 3 particular medicinal mushrooms for extra support of the adrenals and memory, stress, libido, mental fog, general cognitive support (essentially helping with menopause mind), digestion and energy.

Taking menopause relief along with lifestyle and diet adjustments such as —

  • Extra hydration
  • Bone health support
  • Vitamin D supplementation
  • Eating lots of fruits and veggies
  • Reducing alcohol, processed sugar and processed foods.
  • Staying physically active
  • Stress relieving practices

Goes a long way in reducing or eliminating symptoms.

Going through such a massive internal adjustment during this crossing into a new phase of life, as hormones fly all over the place, is no easy thing. And not to freak anyone out, but symptoms can last for years and years in some women if not well managed.

The challenging part of this journey is why we offer Menopause Relief.  Making the transition into new regenerative levels of wisdom and stability a lot smoother.

Take it from the women who come back raving about how quickly they experience relief of symptoms — many of them say they can’t live without it!

PURICA Menopause Relief

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PURICA is a Canadian wellness company that specializes in medicinal mushrooms. PURICA is the coming together of “Pure” and “Care” and their products are inspired by Nature, skillfully formulated natural and whole food products solidly backed by science.

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