Nourish Your Mind & Body with Greens

Nourish Your Mind & Body with Greens

Proper and well-balanced nutrition is essential to fuel your body and get you through busy days. As active, busy individuals with packed schedules and limited free time, convenience is often looked for daily to make life easier. Unfortunately, many convenient foods are also high in unhealthy fats and low in essential nutrients. With poor sleep and nutrition often factoring into daily life, our tanks are left running on empty, and we risk falling into a vicious, unforgiving cycle.

Traditionally when we feel tired and under-rested, we turn to stimulants like coffee and energy drinks to overcome these moments of fatigue and help us feel better. However, these products lead to short-term energy spikes, accompanied by intense energy crashes. Instead of turning to these overall harmful substances that contribute to the problem and don’t solve it, you should look for a product that tackles the root cause!

Greens powders are a great way to improve your nutrition and add phytonutrients to your diet! Phytonutrients are important contributors to your overall health, and by increasing the number of fruits and vegetables in your diet, you get more phytonutrients. However, eating enough fruits and vegetables to achieve maximum diversity is incredibly difficult, which is why taking a greens powder can be so beneficial! Greens powders include a concentrated number of fruits and vegetables to increase your phytonutrient intake. Genuine Health’s Greens+ products include 10 superfoods, 3 sea vegetables, 3 chlorophyll-rich grasses, and 7 energizing herbs to provide diversity and nutrients you may not get in your regular diet.

Within our greens line, we also have Greens+ Extra Energy, an all-natural greens powder with an added energy-enhancing blend to keep you going during your busiest days. Greens+ Extra Energy improves energy levels while also enhancing your body’s nutrition and your long-term health! Balanced energy, without the crash.

Our talented product developers carefully selected ingredients that support many aspects relating to overall energy, including physical performance, general energy, and brain health & cognitive performance. This formula is packed with antioxidants, adaptogens, and herbals to provide you with the extra boost you need. Below are some callouts to superstar ingredients in this formula!

Improves Cognitive Performance! [2,3,5,10,6,8]

  • Gotu Kola Herb Powder [2,3]
  • L-tyrosine [5, 10]
  • Glycine [6]
  • Kola nut seed extract [8]

Improves Physical Performance! [7, 9]

  • Rhodiola rosea root extract [7]
  • Vitamin B6 [9]

You may want to consider taking a greens supplement if you are looking for ways to enhance your health. As mentioned, it isn’t easy to consume all the unique phytonutrients available in plants within a day. Greens powders are an easy and effective way to get additional nutrients and enhance your health!

Greens+ was the first product Genuine Health created and is the only greens powder on the market backed by 9 scientific studies! We have worked endless hours to ensure that our greens are special and science-backed. Each ingredient is carefully selected on the basis that they provide results! We include unique blends to offer different outcomes, including a detoxifying blend, brain booster complex, greenbiotic gut health blend, and a phytonutrient blend.

Genuine Health is also releasing some new flavours to upgrade their extra energy line! Along with orange, there will now be vanilla and dark chocolate. If you want to optimize your health, then give Genuine Health’s Greens+ extra energy products a try!


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