Probiotics for Gut Health and More

Probiotics for Gut Health and More

Have you ever wondered why there’s so much hype surrounding probiotics? It’s because gut health and a happy gastrointestinal tract is a key pillar to our overall health!

Digestive issues are becoming a more common trend amongst people around the world and particularly in developed countries in the west. With more than 50% (22 million) of Canadians dealing with digestive disorders every year, there’s definitely a need for additional digestive support. 

Our gut health is the link to many other areas of health, so supporting our digestive tract not only helps keep our gut happy, but also many other areas of the body. Research shows just how beneficial specific probiotic strains are for all around health, like with supporting immunity2,3, our mood, behaviour and cognition4,5, as well as tempering inflammation6, which is something we all want. Without this support, poor digestion can result in low energy, low moods, achy joints and body pain.7,8,9

Probiotics are naturally occurring bacteria that live in the digestive tract and beyond. For humans, the primary bacteria to support our health are the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium families.10 These are known as symbiotic bacteria because we give them food and shelter and they provide us with various health benefits in return. In terms of digestion, probiotics help us directly by metabolising fibres (prebiotics) that we are not able to digest and assimilate ourselves. Through metabolism of prebiotics, probiotics create the B vitamins folate, riboflavin and thiamine,11 as well as short-chain fatty acids that are critical to our well-being.11

But unfortunately, probiotics are not made equal! Progressive Perfect Probiotics stand out from the rest because our formulations have been uniquely designed to combine both probiotics AND prebiotics. Probiotics provide important bacterial strains for a healthy digestive tract, and prebiotics help to feed good bacteria! 12

Our probiotics focus on strains with clinically validated research to support specific areas of your digestive tract and are formulated to withstand the harsh conditions of the stomach and other digestive enzymes, so they only breakdown at a specific time and location where you need them most!

Progressive’s new and improved Perfect Probiotic formulas cover all your gut health needs, from basic, everyday support with the Perfect Probiotic 30 billion formula to extra-strength 60 billion formula for additional intestinal support. They have both been found to help improve the pain and bloating associated with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), as well as reduce IBS associated diarrhea and/or constipation.13,14,15

Progressive Perfect Probiotics quality assurance is top notch! We guarantee our potencies to their expiry date and all our formulas have been third party tested to ensure that each probiotic species is accounted for in our formulas. So, what’s listed on the package is what is actually in the product, no more, no less.

Progressive Probiotics are also gluten free and vegan for those on specialized diets. Progressive brings advanced nutrition within your reach. Take your digestion to the next level with Progressive Perfect Probiotics, your gut will thank you!

Written by: Dr. Danielle O’Connor ND (Jamieson Wellness Education Manager)

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