Say Hello to Wellness!

Say Hello to Wellness!

You know that feeling when you hear your favorite song, or when you stop to feel the sunshine on your face?  Meet Hello Wellness™, Vega’s new line of functional nutrition designed to celebrate the feeling of feeling good. Food plays a big role in providing nutrition you can feel good about. So, say “hello” to these three new blender-free smoothies with ingredients tailored help to support your well-being from brain health support, to increased energy, to gut health. They don’t just taste good but help you feel good too.

Simply mix your favourite Hello Wellness powder with the liquid of your choice for a silky smooth shake that’s both nutritious and delicious.

Energy Support – Spring In Your Step

Ever have those days when you just need a little extra help getting going? There’s a reason we all look forward to that morning pick-me-up. Welcome this new kid in town. Hello Wellness Spring In Your Step. It offers 15g of protein coming from pea and pumpkinseed protein and includes 100mg of caffeine from coffee fruit extract which promotes alertness – kinda like an on-switch for your day. We all know how important your immune system is so it also includes vitmain D which is naturally occurring from the plant based ingredients. And that familiar morning flavour of Vanilla Cappuccino is a great way to kick off any day. No blender needed, no annoying clean up, just shake and go!

Brain Health – It’s A No Brainer

Say hello to a new headspace! 34% of all consumers listed “Overall Brain Health” as “Very Important” when choosing protein enhanced foods & beverages. Hello Wellness It’s A No Brainer combines 15g of pea protein from pea and pumpkinseed protein with 32mg of Omega 3 DHA to help support brain health. Now I know you’re wondering what kind of plant-based omega is used?? Great question! Skitzochitrium, which is a micro-algae sourced from the coastal marine habitats – and is a fierce up-and-comer in the plant-based Omega world. Also paired with B vitamins which help support brain health and vitamin C for to help support the immune system. The Hello Wellness line is stevia-free and is sweetened with Monk Fruit, so It’s a No Brainer truly is a no-brainer. 

Gut Health – You’ve Got Guts

Did you know that 70% of your immune system lives in your gut? Turns out ‘trusting your gut’ has some science behind it!  So you aren’t going to want to miss out on this one. Because every scoop of Hello Wellness You’ve Got Guts offers 15g of protein from pea and pumpkinseed protein and delivers prebiotic fibre coupled with probiotics to support a healthy digestive system. You won’t want to forget about the protease enzymes that helps breakdown the protein for easier digestion and fermented ancient grains of amaranth and quinoa for a happy and healthy gut. This symbiotic approach to gut health is elevated by the crave-worthy Choco/Cinnamon/Banana which is such a comforting flavour profile.

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