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Fermented supplements – The ancient practice revolutionizing health!

Fermented Vegan Protein

Nourish your Internal Ecosystem with Fermentation!

Don’t freak out, but you have about 100 trillion bugs (or -”microbes”) living in and on you, with the majority residing in the digestive tract. For perspective, you have about 10 trillion human cells, so these microbes outnumber your human cells by a ratio of 10 to 1.

The Good news: these microbes are more your friend than foe! They play a role in how you think and feel, how you digest your food and absorb nutrients, and help determine your body’s ability to fight a cold or flu. In fact, these microbes play such an important role in directing and training our immune system, that they can potentially affect the development of serious auto-immune diseases.

Up until recently we didn’t understand the significance bacteria has to our health. Culturally, we have generalized our view of bacteria as “dangerous” and that we needed greater and more skillful antibiotics to kill them. But the study of the human microbiome has also confirmed what many lifestyle doctors have been saying for a long time – food is medicine, and bad food is poison. It turns out these microbes eat everything we eat, and they need good nutrients as much as we do!

With this information the important question becomes “what should I be I feeding my microbes on a daily basis”? To start, you should be consuming good fat, fibre, plenty of high-nutrient vegetables and fruit, and most importantly – fermented food.  The fermentation of foods and beverages dates back to ancient civilizations, and in recent years has made a comeback. Today, this has less to do with the need for the practical purpose of preservation, but more to do with the health benefits: liberating and amplifying nutrients in our diet, improving digestion and absorption, and a “fertilizing” effect on our gut ecosystem.

Fortunately, increasing the amount of fermented foods in your diet is easier than ever! Not only is there an increasing amount of traditionally fermented whole-food options available in the mainstream, but fermented supplements, including, grab-and-go snacks such as bars, superfoods and protein powders have been introduced – changing the way people are nourished.

fermented vegan proteins+ provides the benefits of fermentation while fueling the body with a complete spectrum of amino acids from high-quality, hypoallergenic vegan ingredients: pea, brown rice, hemp, quinoa, alfalfa, spirulina, and mung beans. While these unique ingredients are already high in protein, the fermentation process removes “anti-nutrients” and other barriers that can get between you and your protein – causing digested disturbances and poor absorption. Artisanal, traditional fermentation techniques “unlock” each ingredient, so it reaches its full nutritional potential for a protein supplement that is digested and absorbed with ease, with no gas or bloating!

As the fermentation process transforms proteins into readily available amino acids, the body can immediately use them to fuel energy, muscles, and nourish a healthy gut lining! fermented vegan proteins+ helps to build digestive health and contributes to a strong gut and robust, balanced ecology of beneficial bacteria which our body needs to function optimally, and better absorb nutrients from our diet.

fermented vegan proteins+ is the first fully fermented, complete vegan protein available in Chocolate, Vanilla and Unflavoured powder and also convenient bars.

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