Whole Body Health & Pain Relief Naturally!

Whole Body Health & Pain Relief Naturally!

Purica Recovery - Formulations for pet and humans. Homegrown Foods, Stony Plain

Purica RECOVERY targets the root cause of pain, providing effective and sustained relief. It’s for Whole Body Health & Pain Relief.

The Path that led to the discovery of Purica Recovery®

Well over a decade ago when Jason Watkin was a student of molecular biology and nutrition, he began to question the precise mechanisms that cause the cells of the body to age and break down. Recognizing that much of this cellular breakdown was due to oxygen-induced molecular instability, he set about developing a formulation to inhibit this instability. The formulation, known as Purica Recovery®, consisted of plant compounds that are known to protect the plant from physical and chemical aggressors.

While in the Netherlands, he had the opportunity to test the efficacy of Purica Recovery® on many of the European community’s top professional ballet dancers. Like many sports, ballet often results in overuse injuries such as pulled muscles and tendons. Particularly vulnerable among ballet professionals is the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) at the outer edge of the kneecap. This ligament is so vital to the proper movement of the leg that damage sustained to it can result in loss of mobility for a year or more and often ends a dancer’s career.


After taking Purica Recovery® for several weeks, doctors assessing the effects of the formulation noted a significant reduction in expected recovery times. Dancers — who would normally be troubled by stiffness and loss of mobility following the natural or surgical repair of the ACL — were able to quickly regain mobility and return to the stage.

Following his return from the Netherlands, Jason and his brother Trevor worked with equine veterinarians, horse breeders and trainers. In this field, horses are subject to numerous problems affecting their legs due to their heavy body weights. Their risk of injury, of course, increases if they are raced or jumped as in equestrian sports. In much the same way as with the European ballet dancers, the horses receiving Recovery also recovered more quickly from injuries and surgical intervention.

The results among people and animals were so dramatic that Trevor and Jason were inspired to create what is today Purica. With the help of their parents, they decided to form a private family company in 1999 to manufacture and sell Purica Recovery® to veterinarians. The veterinarians experienced such significant results with the animals they were treating that they began telling people that they should also be taking Recovery® which in turn led to the launch of the human version of Purica Recovery®.


How Recovery® works: Recovery® works in two distinct ways: 1. By increasing the cell’s receptivity to anabolic (building) compounds such as insulin and thyroid hormone, and 2. By reducing catabolic (destroying) action due to oxidation. The effects of treatment with Recovery® are realized throughout the body and include decreased pain, spasm and inflammation, improved circulation, improved drainage and improved healing.

Many clinicians find Purica Recovery® successful in alleviating conditions that are typically treated with corticosteroids. Conditions associated with chronic inflammation, spasm and degeneration of tissue such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, eczema, psoriasis, breathing problems, and chronic pain in the knees, hips, shoulders and hands.

Whereas corticosteroids merely act as a band aid and are associated with many side effects including osteoporosis and accelerated tissue damage, Purica Recovery® treats the root of the condition, halting the damage that leads to the discomfort.

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