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Brad King's Ultimate Male Energy - 120 Caps

Brad King's Ultimate Male Energy - 120 Caps

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  • Reduces excess body fat-especially in the abdominal region.
  • Increases the body’s natural production of testosterone.
  • Preserves and builds lean muscle tissue.
  • Enhances the body’s cellular repair mechanisms.
  • Facilitates the conversion of a powerful-cancer-promoting-estrogen, to the safer beneficial 2-hydroxy and 2-methoxy estrogens.
  • Maintains prostate health.
  • Fights excess free radicals.
  • Helps the body deal with excess stress.
  • Reduces excess inflammation.

If you’re a man over 35, you are probably already starting to feel the debilitating effects of lower testosterone and higher estrogen levels. Restoring testosterone to optimal levels has been proven to: increase muscle mass (which sets the stage for a decrease in body fat); boost brain function, including memory, visual acuity and concentration, strengthen the bones, lower insulin and protect the heart-reducing virtually every cardiovascular risk factor, including high cholesterol, high blood sugar, abnormal clotting and stress.

Also available in 60 Caps

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