Chickadee Farm Organic Peppermint Tea, 50g

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Chickadee Farm Organic Peppermint Tea, 50g. Peppermint, or candymint has a cooling menthol flavour, stronger than that of spearmint or wild mint. It is a refreshing caffeine-free alternative to regular tea or coffee. Like all mints it has the ability to relieve digestive issues and freshen breath. In addition it is said to help with headaches, relieve cold symptoms and may help you sleep better. We harvest, dry and store our peppermint carefully to maintain as much flavour in the leaves as possible. The dried herb should be dark green to purple and have a strong fragrance (browned herb indicates that the leaves have been oxidized by exposure to moisture during drying). Peppermint can be served as a freshly steeped tea, with or without a sweetner, or also as an iced tea. We are proud to offer you the best handcrafted, loose herbal tea. We work hard to create fresh, dried herbs with a rich, natural colour and full fragrance. We sell only herbs we grow in our garden or ethically wildcraft in the surrounding boreal forest.