Chickadee Farm Organic Wild Mint Tea, 50g

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Chickadee Farm Organic Wild Mint Tea, 50g. Wild Mint has a strong minty flavour with earthy tones to it. Wild Mint is really good after a big meal to settle the stomach. Wild Mint is found in moist meadows along the edges of wetlands and along stream banks. The Wild mint plants that we grow in our garden where originally collected from the banks of the Pembina River near the farm. Growing this species in the garden mellows its flavour somewhat but it still delivers a very characteristic menthol aroma. We are proud to offer you the best handcrafted, loose herbal tea. We work hard to create fresh, dried herbs with a rich, natural colour and full fragrance. We sell only herbs we grow in our garden or ethically wildcraft in the surrounding boreal forest. loose herb leaves to a tea ball or add directly to the tea pot.