Chickadee Farm Organic Wild Rosehip Tea, 50g

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Chickadee Farm Organic Wild Rosehip Tea, 50g. Rose hips are high in vitamin C and other vitamins. They can be a survival food and were used as a sweetner. Indigenous peoples used parts of the wild rose plants for eye ailments and to treat cough. Consuming too many of the hairs on the seeds should be avoided because they have an irritation effect.Our rosehips are picked in wild areas in central Alberta. Since wild rosehips are small and require quite a bit of time to collect, we may sometimes not have this wonderful wild tea until next season. We are proud to offer you the best handcrafted, loose herbal tea. We work hard to create fresh, dried herbs with a rich, natural colour and full fragrance. We sell only herbs we grow in our garden or ethically wildcraft in the surrounding boreal forest.