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Joy of the Mountains A+ Oil of Oregano - 15ml

Joy of the Mountains A+ Oil of Oregano - 15ml

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New and Improved
A+ Oil of Oregano combines the award-winning oil of oregano with Vitamin A. The result is a product that is tougher on infection and offers even more protection for a comprosmised immune system.

This new formulation contains the exact same amount of Oil of Oregano as before, the same potency and same quality.

Vitamin A is a superhero when it comes to boosting immunity. Like Oil of Oregano it is a potent must-have supplement that can keep your familiy healthy all winter long.

A+ Oil of Oregano helps:

  • Maintain immune function and good health
  • Fight off infections by maintaining cell-wall strength against viruses
  • Make white blood cells which destroy harmful bacteia and viruses
  • Protect against free radical damage with powerful antioxidant action
  • Maintain external tissues and membranese as a physical barrier to infection.
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