Organic Traditions Maca X-6 Black & Purple - 150g

Organic Traditions Maca X-6 Black & Purple - 150g

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Commonly known as "The Peruvian Ginseng", Maca is a root vegetable indigenous to the Andes of Peru. Maca was domesticated by the Incas and has since been used by indigenous people as part of a daily diet to promote optimal well being. While most Maca Powders simply offer dried and ground yellow Maca, Organic Traditions Black & Red-Purple Maca X-6 is a 6:1 raw, cold gelatinized concentration of 80% black, 15% red-purple and 5% yellow Maca.

Maca X-6 is obtained through a process of 'cold gelatinization', which removes the starch from the root leaving a more concentrated powder that is not only easier to absorb and digest, but that offers a greater concentration of powerful phytonutrients.

Use Maca X-6 in smoothies, desserts, on top of yogurt and berries or any other receipe.

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