Pure Hazelwood Hazelwood Necklace Baby - 13"

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Pure Hazelwood Hazelwood Necklace Baby - 13" Good for the whole family! Hazelwood, when in constant contact with the skin, provides excellent results in treating joint pains (arthritis, osteoarthritis), digestion disorders (gastric reflux, heartburn, constipation) or dental pains (teething children, tooth decay or cavities), and some skin disorders (acne, eczema, psoriasis). The use of Hazelwood is an ancestral tradition. Several researchers have shown that Native Americans used parts of beaked hazel to treat various diseases. They made necklaces with pieces of twigs to ease teething pain in young children and prevent cavities. Most people need to replace their hazelwood jewelry every 3-12 months. It will very from person to person, and your first necklace will wear out faster than the next one. You will know that it needs to be replaced when your symptoms return, or the wood is blackened and peeling. Children under 3 years of age should not wear the necklace without parental supervision. Hazelwood jewelry is not meant to be chewed on. Made in Canada