Westpoint Naturals Organic Popcorn - 1kg

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Who is the organic and delicious, nutritious, crunchy, more-ish elephant in the whole grain room? Popcorn!

It’s true that calling popcorn healthy the way it’s most often consumed would be like saying the same of a whole wheat donut. But, unlike donuts, there is only one essential ingredient in popcorn: whole corn kernels. Those in search of a healthy snack need look no further. When you’re tired of carrot sticks and celery sticks and tasteless-would-be-better-than-this-horrible-flavour health snack bars, turn your attention instead back to the original whole grain snack of the Americas.

Making it on the stove top or with an air popper neatly sidesteps any problems with too much salt, oil, or weird yellow chemicals. And for a special health bonus, a study published in 2012 discovered that in addition to fibre, popcorn hulls also have a very generous serving of antioxidants – almost twice as much as most fresh fruits.